PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail 12.5 inch Gen 2

PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail 12.5 inch Gen 2 Black + ACCESSORY PACK Kit Set

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PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail 12.5" Gen 2 - Black Only

The PTS Centurion Arms CMR 12.5inch Rail Gen 2 has been updated with lightening cuts just like on the PTS CMR 9.5inch and 11inch versions which contributes to further weight reduction to an already lightweight and minimalist rail thus further enhancing control and portability without sacrificing strength and durability. CMR rails utilizes a proprietary barrel nut which is included along with a gas tube and low profile gas block.

The CMR rail was designed with a top rail that gives an AR upper a continuous rail for mounting accessories but does away with the rails at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions which are often not used thus adding unnecessary weight and bulk to a rail. However, accessories can be directly mounted to the rail at those positions with the installation of the proprietary simple and light-weight CMR accessory mounts or rail sections (sold separately) only where they are needed. The CMR rail also has built in anti-rotation QD mounts in 4 positions at both ends of the rail on both sides.

The PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail Series are licensed airsoft replicas, designed for training and simulation use only.

• Color – Black

• Material – 6000 series Aluminum

• Dimension – 320 x 50 x 45 mm

• Weight – 269g

• Compatibility – PTS Centurion Arms CMR Accessory Pack

License: This airsoft product is manufactured under authorized Centurion Arms® license. Centurion Arms® logo and associated brand names are trademarks of Centurion Arms, LLC in the United States and/or other countries.

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only. Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury. PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.


PTS® CMR ACCESSORY PACK (Black / Dark Earth )

The PTS Centurion Arms CMR accessories are made of Dupont™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer. Their light weight and small profile helps to maintain a lightweight platform with minimal bulkiness added to the slender CMR rail's cross section. The polymer accessories adhere to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle and directlyirectly mount to the PTS CMR with threaded fasteners making them easy to install and modify to customize your rifle for your shooting needs. These accessories are interchangeable without having to utilize back plates or to dismantle the rail system itself…thus staying true with the K.I.S.S. system.

The Centurion Arms CMR rail covers have been given a unique golf ball style texture on its surface, providing a very firm grip for the end user's hands. They maintain as low a profile as possible and their semi-circular edges correspond along the ventilation holes of the rail. The rail covers have score lines on the back to allow the user to custom cut it to a shorter length to fill in the gap between other accessories.

The CMR hand stop also has a golf ball dimple textured surface for a secure grip and only requires a single screw to bolt it down. Its design follows closely to that of the rail cover so they will both transition with each other very well when placed next to one another. The hand stop can be utilized in the front of the rail to grant the ability to place the hand forward without the worry of slipping off the rail.


Color - Black / Dark Earth

Material - Dupont ™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer

Package contain:

*3 Slots Rail Section (2 pcs)

*7 Slots Rail Section (2 pcs)

*Rail Cover (6 pcs)

*Hand Stop (1 pc)

*Screw (22 pcs)


*3 slots - 52mm (approx. in length)

*7 slots - 92mm (approx. in length)

*Hand Stop - 32 x 30 x 25mm (approx.)

*Rail Cover - 83 x 29 mm (approx.)


*3 slots - 4.5g

*7 slots - 8g

*Hand Stop - 5.5g

*Rail Cover - 8g

Compatibility - PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail Systems

( Gun is not included, Rail only has Black )

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