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Established in Hong Kong for 10 years, PTS is a leading company with creative, brand management & product development in the airsoft and creative industry. We are renowned with our own airsoft brand, focusing on developing innovative, simple and efficient airsoft components and accessories. We are also official distributor of a series of global brands. With experience in serving local and global customers, we honor our customers with full variety of Airsoft guns, gear, accessories and lifestyle products, whilst maintaining a core value of delivering superior quality products and services with unique ideas.
Please contact me at +852 2304 8500 or send me an email at
We make innovative, licensed airsoft products of the highest quality for the market, offering a unique shooting experience. 
We are an authorized dealer for various well-known US brands, such as Magpul, High Speed Gear, Surefire, Tactical Tailor, etc...

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