SureFire is a story of what can be accomplished with light. The tale begins in 1969 when an engineer with a Ph.D. from Cal Tech decided the future lay in lasers. Dr. John Matthews founded the Newport Corporation to harness the power of the laser for industrial applications.

Over the next decade, the Newport Corporation grew to become a leader in the laser field, pioneering a host of industrial uses for the laser. Patents were issued, contracts were won, business boomed.

Basking in the glow of success, John\'s inventive mind turned toward his hobby and passion, shooting. He wondered if a laser could be adapted to serve as a sight on a firearm. In 1979, John\'s concepts became reality as he designed and patented a laser sight.

The original laser sight was large and unwieldy by today's standards. Further refinement of the technology would have required the board of the Newport Corporation to approve substantial investments outside its core business interests.

So John, along with several key members of Newport\'s technical staff who shared his vision, approached the board with an offer to buy the laser sight business. When their offer was accepted, John resigned as president of Newport Corporation, and assumed leadership of the newly formed company, Laser Products. Now John could devote all of his energy toward the commercialization of laser sights for guns.

A handgun sight for a Colt Trooper was the company's first product. A laser sight for a Ruger Mini-14 soon followed. Then, in 1984, the phone rang with a call from a local police agency that would literally alter history for Dr. John Matthews and Laser Products.

It was the Los Angeles Police Department's SWAT Team on the line. The 1984 Olympic Games were to be held in The City Of Angels and the police wondered if it would be possible to borrow a number of laser-sighted shotguns to use for security during the Games. No problem, said John.

In the years that followed, the technically superb, but expensive, laser-sighted firearms paved the way for future developments. While none proved commercially viable, the willingness of Laser Products to accommodate law enforcement's needs led to the development of a novel idea at the time, a weapon-mounted flashlight.

The SureFire WeaponLight was born, and low-light law enforcement and military operations would never be the same.

SureFire Decal, 9.5 x 2 - Red
SureFireDecalSureFire decals come in...
SureFireDecalSureFire decals come in red on clear background.9.5" by 2"..
US$4.80 US$6.00
SureFire Earlocks (EarPods)
EARLOCKSEarLocks® fit securely to AP...
EARLOCKSEarLocks® fit securely to APPLE EARPODS® and most circular earbuds. The patented EarLock retention rings comfortably lock into key points of your ear to hold earbuds securely yet comfortably in place...
US$8.80 US$11.00
SureFire EP3 Sonic Defenders Earplugs Black
EP3 Sonic Defenders protect your hea...
EP3 Sonic Defenders protect your hearing without interfering with your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations. Their double-flanged-stem design fits most people and provides a Noise Reduction Rating ..
US$12.80 US$16.00
SureFire F06-A Blue Filter for 1.125 Diameter Bezels
The F06-A is a blue filter for flash...
The F06-A is a blue filter for flashlights and WeaponLights with a 1.125" bezel diameter. Produces a smooth beam of blue light. Hunters use the blue filter to track wounded game at night because blood stands ..
US$27.00 US$34.00
SureFire F07-A Slip On Filter for 1.125 Dia. Bezels
SureFire F07-A Slip On Filter for 1....
SureFire F07-A Slip On Filter for 1.125 inch Dia and most flashlight. F07-A is a clear filter for flashlights and WeaponLights with a 1.125" bezel diameter...
US$27.00 US$34.00
Surefire Phone Case for Iphone 6/6S
The SureFire Phone Case is not just ...
The SureFire Phone Case is not just a high-quality protective case for your iPhone 6/6S —it able to serve as a secure mount for a SureFire FirePak™ illuminator/phone charger. Featuring a high-density polycarb..
US$27.00 US$34.00
Surefire Sidekick LED illuminator Ultra-Compact
This ultra-compact, powerful LED ill...
This ultra-compact, powerful LED illuminator was created so it could be carried and used by everyone. The rechargeable Sidekick was designed to attach to keys so it’s always available and, most importantly, r..
US$72.00 US$90.00
® polymer body is smoothly scul...
® polymer body is smoothly sculpted for a comfortable, secure grip and resists scratches, abrasion, and corrosion. A polycarbonate micro-textured reflector delivers a comparatively wider beam with genero..
SureFire 6PX Pro Dual-Output LED Flashlight
The 6PX Pro’s price is very reasonab...
The 6PX Pro’s price is very reasonable aluminum-bodied light available from SureFire but that does not mean it is cheaply made. When compared to the earliest versions of the 6PX, 6PX Pro provides more than 50..
US$82.00 US$102.00
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