The refined, ultra-compact Titan® Pl...
The refined, ultra-compact Titan® Plus builds upon our groundbreaking Titan, the world’s first professional-grade keychain flashlight, by adding several useful “pluses,” including more than twice the maximum ..
Headlamp with CONSTANT LIGHTING tech...
Headlamp with CONSTANT LIGHTING technology designed for military operations requiring maximum stealth: the STRIX IR provides visible white or color (red, green or blue) lighting, as well as infrared lighting...
- High-performance, recoil-proof LED...
- High-performance, recoil-proof LED generates 600 lumens of blinding white light and continues producing tactical-level light for 1.5 hours- Precision reflector provides a wider beam pattern, increasing situ..
Surefire 628LM-A LED WeaponLight
The SureFire 628LMF-A replaces the o...
The SureFire 628LMF-A replaces the original forend of your Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun, HK53 rifle, or HK94 carbine. Compact 6-volt (2-battery) system features a virtually indestructible LED emitter..
US$408.00 US$480.00
FeaturesVirtually indestructible, tw...
FeaturesVirtually indestructible, two-output LED generates 600 lumens of blinding light on its max setting, and 200 lumens with nearly twice the runtime on highPrecision reflector shapes a versatile beam with..
SUREFIRE 628LMF LED WeaponLight for H&K MP5, HK53, HK94
Fits: Heckler & Koch MP5 su...
Fits: Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun, HK53 rifle, HK94 carbineFeaturesVirtually indestructible LED and TIR lens produce brilliant beam optimized for close- to medium range applicationsConstruction..
US$626.00 US$737.00
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