S&S Precision

S&S Precision

S&S Precision V-Lite
The V-Lite™ is a versatile personal ...
The V-Lite™ is a versatile personal lighting/identification marker. A simple and intuitive alternative to chemical light sticks. One button to cycle through the preset functions, keeps it simple. Fully encaps..
US$40.00 US$50.00
S&S Precision NavBoard Non-standard right
Conducting night time parachute oper...
Conducting night time parachute operations is serious business, even for the best. The NavBoard™ series is purposely built for in-flight navigation, giving you what you need when you need it. They all include..
US$101.00 US$112.00
S & S Sling Clip Sandmatte
Designed to fit most standard 1” sli...
Designed to fit most standard 1” slings, the SlingClip’s sleek design offers versatility without bulkiness. Effectively turning your single point sling into a two point sling with a simple flick of your thumb..
US$136.00 US$151.00
S & S 757 Performance Denim
 - Strategically located h...
 - Strategically located hidden pockets – front internal pocket for stowing clip type knife out of view or keeping smart phone located high and to the outside of the leg, hidden pocket along the rea..
US$178.00 US$198.70
S&S Precision Plate Frame set Airsoft w/ MC Harness
Doing more with less, the PlateFrame...
Doing more with less, the PlateFrame's patent pending, lightweight, semi rigid plastic design provides a rigid mounting platform unlike any other plate carrier on the market. The frame gives the operator the ..
US$434.40 US$543.00
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