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COG Bag Low Profile E...
COG Bag Low Profile EDC Bag The Covert Operations Gear (COG) Low-Profile EDC Bag is an ambidextrous modular carry system that includes two (2) swappable velcro hook-backed EDC platforms/panels ..
Feature: Low profile ...
Feature: Low profile tactical polo shirt; Made by 100% polyester; Improve the wrinkle resistance; Durability; High color retention; Loop velcro: Place a 1 inch x 3 inch strip of loop velcro along the back of ..
PTS Centurion Arms CM...
PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail 12.5" Gen 2 - Black OnlyThe PTS Centurion Arms CMR 12.5inch Rail Gen 2 has been updated with lightening cuts just like on the PTS CMR 9.5inch and 11inch versions which contributes ..
BCE G19 GBB Pistol&nb...
BCE G19 GBB Pistol Specification: Name PTS Battlecomp G19 (KSC) Custom SKU PT925680807 Manufacturer PTS Airso..
PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (Systema) Black
PT1444 PTS Enhanced P...
PT1444 PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (Systema) Black The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (Systema PTW), or EPM for short, is a new type of Polymer Magazine for airsoft rifles. Built specifically for the Sy..
PTS Enhanced Polymer ...
PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (AEG) - PT09645The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine, or EPM for short, is a new type of Mid-capacity Polymer Magazine for AEGs. The EPM is a truly unique AEG magazine, inside and o..
Disclaimer: This prod...
Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause se..
The PTS Enhanced Poly...
The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine LR, or EPM LR for short, is built specifically for the PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN Gas Blowback Rifle. Externally, like its smaller PTS EPM magazine counterpart, it features a ru..
As part of our evolvi...
As part of our evolving Tactical Lifestyle Product Series, PTS® is proud to announce the release of the new PTS® GUNSMITH Short Sleeve Shirt. PTS® GUNSMITH Short Sleeve Shirt is a unisex premium grade garment..
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