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PTS Steel Shop Tour 2018

PTS STEEL SHOP is the place to come when you need the best tactical lifestyle products . We’re enthusiasts who started this project as a way to connect with hard-core users and with beginners alike. We personally test every product and as a general rule, in order for a product to be featured on the first page, we must like it so much that we use it every day. We promote brands, products and collections solely based on how we thing they’ll impact you, the buyer, in a day to day setting. Because of this, you can come to PTS STEEL SHOP not just to another tactical lifestyle shop but to one where you’ll be greeted by people who have the same interest as you and would only recommend products we truly believe in”.

New Arrive Magpul Brodie Flannel

Magpul has expanded its clothing line, with a selection of offerings for this fall. The Magpul's apparel line gives wearers options in short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, pants, shorts and T-shirts.

Magpul M-Lock Combination for Wedge Lock Rail

Today, We are going to introduce you Magpul M-Lock Series for Wedge Lock Rail

Surefire 6PX Pro Dual OutPut LED review

6PX pro rated output of 15/320 lumens, may seem underpowered. But, unlike many of those other lights, the 6PX Pro remains comparatively cool during extended use and is able to sustain its rated output for 2 hours. 6PX Pro provides a longer running alternative to those who don’t need the most powerful light available.

Behold PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock - Compact (EPS-C) is available Now !!!

PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock is available Now ! Let's watch the video

New Comer - Surefire X300U-A ( Upgraded )

SureFire makes great gear.  PTS Steel Shop especially fond of their lights. Their new X300 Ultra is even brighter, and much easier to use on pistols.

Their flashlight is an excellent point shooting tool.  Surrounding the bright center beam is a more diffuse wash that helps with peripheral vision.

PTS EPS-C - The Slimmest Stock On The Market

The PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock – Compact (EPS-C) is designed for users who do not require the large compartment space and storage capability of the EPS and prefer a lighter, simpler, and more compact stock. 

New Product - Tactical Tailor The Plate Carrier Lower Accessory Pouch

Tactical Tailor has an accessory pouch that’s designed to hang just below your plate carrier. “The Plate Carrier Lower Accessory Pouch adds additional storage to your plate carrier or armor vest without taking up valuable modular real estate,” according to Tactical Tailor.

Gun Maintenance - Breakthrough Clean Military Grade Solvent

Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent has no odor, is non-staining, removes all fouling, while completely evaporating, leaving absolutely no residue behind. And it’s truly pH neutral, which means it’s safe on your firearm’s wood, plastics, polymers, cerakote and/or hydro-printing. And unlike traditional firearm cleaning solvents, Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent has a flashpoint of 65° C and is therefore considered non-flammable.

Surefire EarLock keep the earbuds from falling out

EarLocks® fit securely to APPLE EARPODS® and most circular earbuds. The patented EarLock retention rings comfortably lock into key points of your ear to hold earbuds securely yet comfortably in place

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