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PTS Steel Shop - Last Call for 2017

Since we have a happy holiday last week. PTS Steel Shop is going to extend our Christmas offers for you. Let's get some good stuff to complete the good year.

PTS Steel Shop - HOT Brands On Sale

PTS Steel Shop 
Christmas Sale

On Sale items up to 50% OFF.

PTS Steel Shop - Tactical Tailor 20% OFF

We have had a great response since we started the Xmas Sale last week ! Today, we are going to recommend to you Tactical Tailor ,they have many special items that are rarely found on the market. Why don't you come inside and find out more.

PTS Steel Shop - Smith Optics 20% OFF

We've got great deals on Smith Optics during our Xmas Sale NOW! Come and get a pair of goggles for watching fireworks and playing airsoft ! On Sale items up to 20% OFF.

PTS Steel Shop - Multi Tasker 20% OFF

Multitasker Tools grew out of an OEM project for a firearms industry contact. The owner and founder had a request from a customer to make a 1911 focused multi-tool, then he thought it was time to make something specifically tailored for the AR platform of rifles. That’s how Multitasker originated. Modularity was a huge component of the market trends. At the time, nobody had come out with anything remotely geared towards the maintenance of those rifles. So, he started asking key dealers around the country: What would be the feature set you would like to see incorporated into a pocket tool for an AR? Based on the input that was received from dealers and customers, the idea for a pocket toolbox concept, a guiding principle for Multitasker, with all the product offerings that are available. The Series 3X, which is the main product of Multitasker fully embraces this concept of a pocket toolbox.

PTS Steel Shop - Our bells are jingling!

This Christmas is coming early for everyone! Starting today, discover what special deals we have to offer this Christmas. We are having a BIG Christmas Sale at PTS Steel Shop. 

Cyber Monday Sale 40% OFF

The shopping phenomenon has been extended to “Cyber Monday” . The mega deals on PTS Steel Shop are up to 40% OFF now!

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