PTS Unity Tactical FAST™ family of rifle optics mounts announcement

PTS Syndicate is proud to announce that we will be producing the PTS Unity Tactical FAST™ family of rifle optics mounts for the worldwide airsoft market.   Unity Tactical FAST™ Mount FAST™ is a series of optic mounts and platforms that provide end users with a quicker sight picture than standard height mounts. A 2.26” optical centerline height provides faster/easier reticle acquisition while wearing electronic earpro/communications headsets, night vision goggles and gas masks and allows for more rapid visual processing of the battlefield by promoting a heads-up posture.  A heads-up posture also helps users maintain a neutral spine position which is more comfortable while wearing helmets, plate carriers, and other heavy gear.              The FAST™ family of mounts include: FAST™ Micro Mount: The FAST™ Micro Mount features built-in standard height back up iron sights that keep weapons uncluttered, without reducing capability.  Both front and rear BUIS are completely adjustable for windage and elevation.  The front sight post can be removed so that the rear BUIS aperture can be used with a traditional front sight such as our FUSION fixed or folding sights  (if present), creating a more conventional sight radius.  However, the built in front/rear BUIS is perfect for backup on super short PDW/SMG platforms where rail space is critical for mounting lights and lasers.  Designed for Aimpoint® Micro (H1, H2, T1, T2, CompM5) and other optics with Aimpoint® Micro footprint, such as those found on many Sig Sauer®, Holosun®, Primary Arms®, and Vortex Optics® platforms.   FAST™ Riser: FAST™ Riser securely elevates block-type red dot optics with a standard lower 1/3 cowitness picatinny mount to a 2.26″ optical center line.  FAST™ Riser provides an elevated M1913 Picatinny platform for direct attachment of optics such as EOTech EXPS®, Leupold LCO®, Vortex UH-1®, and other “lower 1/3” optics*.   FAST™ FTC Magnifier Mount: FAST™ FTC Magnifier Mounts feature the first ever Flip-To-Center (FTC) mechanism (patent-pending), providing stowage completely within the footprint of the weapon’s receiver while not occluding the host optic’s sight picture at all. This provides the most optic capability with the lowest profile during all modes of operation.  The revolutionary FTC function completely solves the problem posed by legacy flip-to-side magnifier mounts (when disengaged, the magnifier hangs off the side of the gun, creating a major snag hazard).  FAST™ FTC Magnifier Mounts completely eliminate this danger and utilize a force-to-overcome mechanism for rapid transition.   Designed for certain 30mm magnifiers.   p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 10.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica} span.s1 {text-decoration: underline ; color: #0000ff}     For more information on the PTS FAST™, including its official release date, please watch and  For more information on the MAWL® and other B.E. Meyers & Co. products please visit   Check Out the latest Unity Tactical Products in PTS Steel Shop!         About Unity Tactical, LLC. “Innovative, Adaptive, Decisive.” Unity Tactical designs and provides innovative products that blend form, function, utility, and technological sophistication into cutting edge solutions to common problems.  Their line of highly unique and modular products include the innovative ATOM™ Modular Glock slide, the FUSION™ modular accessory mounting system, and the KNUCKL™ modular helmet mounting system.   PTS Syndicate When it comes to training, simulation, and the ultimate experience, there’s PTS and then there’s everyone else. With RDT&E (Research, Development, Test & Evaluation) teams in both USA and Asia and using the best materials and manufacturing processes, PTS Syndicate is committed to bringing the highest quality and innovative products onto the market to meet and exceed the exacting standards of the most discriminating end user. PTS is also a prolific exclusive replica licensor of the latest weapon and weapon accessory products for the airsoft market and has an excellent reputation as a trusted licensing partner that works closely with our licensors to extend awareness of their brands into new market spaces.      

ZEV Omen Slide KIT has arrived to PTS!

ZEV Omen Slide KIT has arrived to PTS! ZEV Omen Slide KIT 嚟咗PTS啦!                                     Item Code: ZV026490307 – RMR ZV028490307 – Leupold DP-PRO   ZEV Omen Slide Kit , 又一件新品喺PTS Steel Shop推出啦! ZEV Omen Slide線條充滿美感,而且簡單利落又不失優雅嘅風格,它係由6000鋁所製成的,專為Tokyo Marui G17所設計,但同時都適合WE 及KJ G17。 仲有一星期,你就可以將佢安裝你嘅氣槍上,過程有咩問題,記得請教一下專業人士!               ZEV Omen Kit has arrived to PTS Steel Shop! The lines on the ZEV Omen slide create an aggressive elegance that is simple yet effective.PTS Zev slides are precision machined from 6000 series aluminum and designed for the Tokyo Marui G17 platform. It may also fit WE and KJ G17s with some slight modification. Please consult a professional airsoft technician for installation.  Omen slide kit includes:  PTS ZEV Omen G17 Slide PTS ZEV G17 steel standard barrel PTS ZEV combat sight (front & rear) PTS ZEV pro magwell PTS ZEV fulcrum adjustable trigger PTS ZEV extended magazine release (Gen-3) PTS ZEV red dot adapter plate PTS ZEV backplate Housing for the TM G17 Nozzle return spring guide Reinforced Nozzle Set Piston Head Steel Zero Hammers Set   Specification: Finish –  o Black Anodized Finish (Slide) o Titanium Nitride (TiN) (Outer Barrel) Material – 6000 series Aluminum Optics mount – Trijicon RMR/ Leupold DP-PRO Compatibility – Tokyo Marui G17 Weight – 600g (with packaging) Dimension – 250x152x50mm 2月19日至2月26日接受網上預訂,2月26日會開始發貨! Pre order from 19/2 to 26/2 and start shipping on 26/2!!

PTS MTEK Review from AMNB!

PTS MTEK FLUX Helmet | AMNB PREVIEW   Too good to be real?! We have received with great pleasure a sample of the all NEW and excuse me DAMN HOT MTEK FLUX replica helmet from our partner PTS Syndicate before the official sale has started, and here we put a "first impression" down for you to look at. So What's to know about this brain bucket? PTS has teamed up with MTEK to bring you guys an affordable version of their helmet for airsoft use that don´t break your wallet but gives you that great experience and comfort like the real deal when you have to wear it for hours.     How have they done it? The MTEK FLUX replica helmet is an extremely high fidelity replica featuring a high quality, properly textured, and accurately colored high strength polymer shell (Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS). Like the real FLUX, PTS use a bolt-less shell for the FLUX accessory rails and accurately spec’ed NVG mount. Talking about the mount, this one is polymer too not metal! No WILCOX markings here because there´s no license available atm.      All the markings like on the real helmet are where they should be including the one from PTS Syndicate which sits on the M-LOK compatible rail system too.Under the hood, like on the real helmet we have the high quality, extremely comfortable foam inserts which are reconfigurable to fit almost all head sizes. Why do I say "almost all head sizes" and not all? One major difference to the real helmet is that PTS just comes out with a one size helmet not as the once from MTEK which have size A and B available.     Is this an issue? I don´t think so. Thanks to the foam inserts which are reconfigurable and available in two shapes small and big or first and second layer, you can adjust it to your head size while removing each, using them together or just one of it. Another awesome feature of them are their "memory effect". Once adjusted, thes foam pads keep your head in mind so you have the perfect fit every time you run it. Just great! I´m a big head guy, head circumference: 60cm and I got it fit onto me. Any questions?     The chin strap system is also fully adjustable and replicate the real one from MTEK. To keep the costs low , cheaper material has been used here but the MTEK markings are on there where they should be what you expect from such a replica. The helmet will come in three color versions: Black as you see here, TAN and OD with Black Velcro and Rails. It would lovely to see the OD/with TAN Velcro and Rails coming out a later date too as this color mix fits just great to a lot of camo in my opinion.     How will it perform over a decent decate? I´ll find that out once I got my full expirience with it the next weeks. As for now, this was just an brief overview for you guys to give you an idea about what you can expect if you choose this helmet as your next brain bucket.   I had the pleasure to run a real FLUX some time ago and I have to mention that this PTS shell is top notch close to the real one. For less the 90% of the cost, airsoft use only but still good protection for your head, this is an good choice for all of you who look for an MTEK helmet to complet your MilSim loadout or just want to be up to date helmet/look wise.   That´s it for now! Field-testing will start the next weeks for you guys and I get back then to tell you how it performd for me as an player.   (Chris,2019) Manager & Founder of the Airsoft & MilSim News Blog  

PTS MTEK FLUX Helmet has arrived!

​ PTS MTEK FLUX Helmet system It has been awhile! PTS MTEK The FLUX Helmet is coming to PTS SOON! I know you have been waiting for this for a long time and that is the moment! Keep track on us to get the first hand information about PTS MTEK The FLUX Helmet!   Introducing the FLUX helmet, the latest in tactical head protection. This is the tangible result of a multi-year design and development effort to create an advanced, modular helmet system. The word FLUX is an acronym for Future, Lightweight, Undercut, eXpandable and is derived from latin fluxus, meaning "flow". It follows the natural shape of your head,  it wraps around your head. The FLUX helmet is specifically designed to follow the natural shape of your head, so it results in increased comfort and stability, even when you wind up wearing it for hours on end or with multiple accessories attached. This goes a long way to actively reduce mental and physical fatigue, especially when you don't have time for either. Hundreds of variations and revisions went in to the FLUX shell design, because to make a better helmet, it all starts with a better helmet shell.   The MTEK FLUX helmet is the tangible result of a multi-year design and development effort to create an advanced, modular helmet system. The word FLUX is an acronym for Future, Lightweight, Undercut, eXpandable and is derived from latin fluxus, meaning "flow".  The PTS MTEK FLUX replica helmet is an extremely high fidelity replica featuring a high quality, properly textured, and accurately colored high strength polymer shell. The high quality, extremely comfortable foam inserts are reconfigurable and, along with the fully adjustable chin strap system, allow this one helmet to fit almost all head sizes. Like the real MTEK FLUX, we use a boltless shell for the FLUX accessory rails and accurately spec’ed NVG mount. The FUX accessory rails are fully MLOK compatible which allows for a multitude of attachments that are available on the market.   100% Boltless shell Actually, bolt-through-less. There are no drilled holes or inserts through the FLUX helmet to weaken the underlying ballistic material. Polymer fasteners replace all the heavy bolts, screws and other steel mounting hardware. Fastener strikes and secondary spalling are no longer an issue. Lightweight retaining structures are bonded directly to the outer shell to allow for accessory rail and shroud removal. The end result is a safer, lighter-weight helmet.         Features:  Matte FLUX Shell  Pre-installed FLUX accessory rails – M-LOK compatible  Pre-installed Shroud with NVG mount  Includes a package of retention strap, shroud bungee, exterior Velcro and Velcro attachment padding          Specification: Color Option – Black / Tan / OD Green Material – Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS Weight – 34.56 oz. (980 grams) (approx.) Dimension – 285 x 235 x 170mm   CHOICES      Get A closer look NOW    

1月 Flash Sales (HSGI / TT)

PTS Flash Sales!! PTS STEEL SHOP ONLINE 由本月開始將會在每個月最後一星期推出FLASH SALES限時折扣優惠,身為氣槍迷嘅你記得唔好錯過!    重點產品 HSGI Cobra IDR 1.75 Rigger Belt      High Speed Gear Triple Pistol TAC  High Speed Gear AO Small Chest Rig HSGI Mag-Net Dump Pouch  HSGI LASER SLIM-GRIP                          TT – Fight Light Plate Carrier    TT Gun Rug                                                TT FL Roll-Up Dump Bag TT FL Universal Mag Pouch                        TT FL 5.56 Double Mag Pouch                                                                                 MIX AND MATCH 自由配搭   簡單嘅配搭,打 Game 嘅時候個個都想方便啲,開Game前準備,休息,或者打完Game之後都想除得方便啲,咁啱依家網店做咁優惠,HSGI 1.75" 腰帶背後配有魔術貼,加埋 HSGI LASER SLIM-GRIP 就可以完成一個簡單嘅組合,腰帶配有 Cobra 扣具,令用家可以容易除下,至於 HSGI LASER SLIM-GRIP 使用Laser 切割技術處理 Molle 帶位置,令腰封位置變得更輕巧。在腰封背後設有HSGI 獨特防滑軟膠,令用家在背負重物件都不會感到唔舒服及擦傷腰部。   第二套值得介就係 TT – Fight Light Plate Carrier 可分拆式設計,用家當係有需要嘅時候,可以把Plate Carrier 分拆成兩組,令用家易啲收藏,係用料方面使用Cordura 500 紡織技術布料,令 Plate Carrier 的重量變得更加輕更,但又唔會令Plate Carrier 變得無咁耐用。前後左右都設有Molle 帶,用家可以直把市上大多數Molle 產品裝上去。例如:TT FL 5.56 Double Mag Pouch,TT FL Roll-Up Dump Bag,High Speed Gear Triple Pistol TAC 等等。  

Smith Optics Aegis 系列

  介紹下比較多人有興趣的系列 – Aegis  Arc & Aegis Echo II    第一個介紹 Aegis Arc 是有兩個不同的版本 Aegis Arc 及 Arc Asian Fit Aegis Arc 是適合臉型瘦小的人仕配帶,​同是這個版本的鼻膠是不可調教角度,所以如果闊面形的用家就未必適合使用。   Arc Asian Fit 因為在設計上重新調節後,推去新的系列,它適合面部較闊或圓形頭形的人仕面形配帶,因為它的眼鏡架比同類形的為之闊,所以面部較闊的人仕在配後不會被鏡片左右的角,及鏡片的底部壓往你的權骨位置。同時鼻髎設計成,可調教式,隨用家喜歡,改善緊貼度。        最後是Aegis Echo II  這都是有兩個不同的版本 Aegis Echo II 及 Echo II Asian Fit Aegis Echo II  是適合臉型瘦小的人仕配帶,​同是這個版本的鼻膠是不可調教角度,所以如果闊面形的用家就未必適合使用。   Echo II Asian Fit 因為在設計上重新調節後,推去新的系列,它適合面部較闊或圓形頭形的人仕面形配帶,因為它的眼鏡架比同類形的為之闊,所以面部較闊的人仕在配後不會被鏡片左右的角,及鏡片的底部壓往你的權骨位置。同時鼻髎設計成,可調教式,隨用家喜歡,改善緊貼度。     去到依大家可能會問ARC 及 Echo II 有甚麼分別同好處,其實我可以講這兩款都各有好處一樣,因為這兩款耳架,一款是膠身,第二款是金屬身,膠身是方便的在帶耳機時唔會俾耳機到你令你感到不舒服,金屬就沒有話個問題。如果在地盤工作要帶好保護器材,Echo II比較好。   *** 大家留意這兩款型號的眼鏡都有額外的不同顏色的鏡片供選購,因此購買時要留意你選購的眼鏡款式。***